Obscure Holiday Friday - National Puppy Day

Friday, March 21, 2014

That link will provide you with a significant amount of cuteness.  Far more than you'd need in a single day.

I've decided that my Friday tradition will be to touch on the obscure holidays that most people don't know about.  Some of them are a little weird but the ones today aren't that strange.  Today is also Memory Day, Single Parents Day, and Common Courtesy Day.  While all of those are nice, Puppy Day was the clear winner to focus on.

This is my little one when she was a puppy.

I am a huge advocate for adopting.  I know that some families need specific dogs because of allergies and obviously that's a very valid concern and reason to buy a dog from a breeder.  Don't get me wrong, breeders are very important to furthering dog breeds and it is everyone's prerogative to get their puppy where they want.  There are just SO MANY dogs that need adopting. alone is filled with hundreds of thousands of animals that need homes and there are so many others that aren't even listed. 

She fell asleep on my lap when we took her home.  She was so tiny!

My little one came from Georgia.  Her mother was a stray and was caught in a cage that was set up as a trap by animal control.  She had her litter of 6 puppies in there and they were there for 2 days before the trap was checked.  Luckily, they were all very healthy and were put up for adoption.  I think it was destiny that this puppy and I found each other.  We put in our adoption application less than 24 hours after the listing went up and got first pick of the litter.

Trouble from day one

I know people say this about their kids, but I really can't imagine my life without her!  She is a real nut and puts a smile on my face every day.

So, go get a puppy!  They are hard work but worth every last second if you train them correctly.  And I promise that no one will ever be happier to see you than your dog will.

Do you have a dog?  Did you adopt?
What is the funniest thing your dog has done?


  1. Best holiday ever. Both of yours make SUCH cute puppies! Both of mine are rescues, Slider was born in a flooded Hurricane Katrina shelter and Stevie was in a kill shelter at only 4 weeks old :( it means the world to me every time I see them running around playing and happy that we rescued them from something terrible and were able to give at least 2 dogs an amazing life where they know nothing but love. We really want to start our own rescue group someday :)

  2. I love that idea! I think if I ever started a rescue group/shelter I would just want to keep them all haha.