She's Baaaack!

Friday, May 2, 2014

So I took quite a long hiatus(and I had only just started!).  Sorry about that.  I feel like I really want to dedicate a significant amount of myself to this and so I took some time off to think and to gather myself.  This is really a learn as you go sort of thing and I'm excited to keep going.

The month or so since I last posted didn't feel very exciting and so I didn't feel like I had anything interesting to post about.  But the more I look around and the more I take time to just slow down and think, the more I realize that there is always something exciting and something challenging going on.  So much always seems to be changing and I'm going to try to slow down more often and appreciate that life itself is exciting and an adventure.

Take right now for example.  I'm expecting two fairly major changes to happen in the next month or so and both of them will require a significant adjustment.  But in the meantime, there are so many fun things along the way.  Last night I celebrated the engagement of two great friends.  I'm going to start riding horses again. (Yay!) This weekend will include some quality family time. The weather is finally getting warm enough to spend a good amount of time outside and I'm just generally happy, healthy, have great people around me, and I don't have much to complain about.

 I promise I won't leave for this long again!  This weekend I'm going to be taking a blogging e-course and will be back Monday with great ideas and posts for days :)

Just for fun, here are two of the most delicious things I can think of.  
Salted caramels and roast beef on a toasted onion roll. mmmm
Happy Friday!

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